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The online and travelling boutique for affordable luxury fashion

Vicoliromani - Alta Moda arose from an entrepreneurial project of International Trading Consulting Srl and is the result of the Caravaggio family's consolidated experience in the textile sector. We have exponentially grown throughout our history thanks to the excellence of our people, our continuous dedication to innovation and research, our determination and the courage of our choices.

Honesty, transparency, innovation, social responsibility and environmental values ​​are the fruit of the strong, recognised cultural identity with which the companies belonging to the Caravaggio family identify.

The global reputation of Vicoliromani's online boutique and physical stores grows day by day. Today our brand is internationally identified as a cutting-edge brand, always attentive to young talents and the possibilities offered by new technologies. A notable organisation based on high standards, careful research and the selection of brands, leading us to further believe in what we do. The customer is at the centre of our attention in all respects, today more than ever.

Vicoliromani store

Creating shapes, starting from new and old suggestions, defining colours and combinations following unexpected intuitions, inventing styles and trends, moods of the present and tastes to come. Expressions that are transformed into a second skin to experience, touch and wear every day, with the philosophy of recounting a person's spirit and personality: this is the essence of VICOLIROMANI.

Vicoliromani store

Our strategic key to anticipating all that is not immediately perceived by the eyes lies in our orientation towards innovation and a mind open to expanding knowledge. We look beyond the horizon, trying to imagine that which is hidden: this is the final destination of Vicoliromani.

Vicoliromani store